Constantine Tsaldaris

Constantine (Dino) Tsaldaras leader of the People Party won the 1946 elections largely because the communists had decided not to take part. His election solidified the right-wing's hold on power and when armed bands of former collaborators began hunting them down the communists went back to the mountains where they had spent the occupation fighting the Germans and organized themselves to fight their fellow Greeks. Not wasting anytime Tsaldaras brought forward a plebescite (rigged of course) to bring back the king. Later he was suspected of being onvolved in the murder of CBS News correspondent George Polk to hide a financial scandal that could have brought down his government, though no concrete evidence of this has ever been presented. He did happen to be in power at a time when US influence and military were at their highest.  In terms of political importance Tsaldaras is probably of the same stature as maybe Millard Filmore or James Garfield. But this photo by Dmitri Kessel was so great I had to use it.

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